CNN reporter, Becky Anderson is involved in a fake protest involving muslims at the London Bridge.  The BBC also used the footage taken during the staged event.

Entire streets were blocked off for the filming of the event, indicating the fake protest took place on a “closed set”.  A swarm of media are there directing and guiding the fake protesters as cameras are rolling.

The overall message that Becky Anderson’s broadcast promoted was that “No True Muslim” would ever do such a thing.  Sadly, she could only find fake muslims to help with her assigned task.

is the reporter seen in this shot.  Below is a video of her actual report she tweeted out shortly after the leaked footage was revealed. (Note that the video does not include the staged footage seen in the video above.)

Twitter is on fire with accusations of “Fake News” being promulgated by CNN and BBC.  The moment Becky Anderson posted the above videos, Twitter users held nothing back.

Fake News CNN Becky Staged

Fake CNN News BBC Becky Anderson Muslim Protest

Adding insult to injury, the BBC posted an article highlighting the “fake muslim protest” that included the same fake protesters being seen holding signs showing photos of the wrong bridge on their signs.

1496614064660The BBC story writes, “Members of the Muslim community paid their respects to the victims with tributes near London Bridge.”  Interestingly enough, the fake protesters are holding an image of the Big Ben bridge in London.


The Denmark based media site TV2 also includes photos captured at the staged event.  The signs displayed say “To The Heroes Of London” held by muslim children.





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