KANG: Skull Island reveals ‘ANTI-WHITE’ storyline about violent gorilla that hates white scientists and authority


King Kong is racist, according to The Huffington Post’s Zeba Blay.

In an article titled “This Video Breaks Down The Racist History Of King Kong,” Blay bashes the iconic movie, arguing, “it’s a straightforward enough adventure story, but historically ‘King Kong’ has been viewed by some critics as a kind of racist allegory, symbolically depicting white America’s view of black people at the time.”

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Here’s the video Blay is referencing.

Blay goes on to draw connections between King Kong’s capture and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

“Kong’s disastrous escape in New York [is] symbolic of the perceived ‘disaster’ of granting black people in the U.S. true freedom,” she argues.

Blay concludes her article by praising the film’s reboot, which premiered today.

“It will be set in 1973 and take place entirely on the uncharted island, rather than bringing Kong to the New York setting, which means there’s potential for Kong to finally shed its racially-fraught past,” she writes.

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