The owner of a deli was arrested for buying up other people’s EBT food stamp cards and using them to purchase items to resell at his store.

WOMAN: “You can’t tell me what to do with my card.”

MAN: “It’s fraud.”

WOMAN: “How is it fraud? Because I went in there and bought all this pop for myself? That’s stereotyping!”

MAN: “What’s your name?”

WOMAN: “My name is ‘fuck America.’”

MAN: “Why don’t you go back to where you came from, then?”

WOMAN: “[laughs] Detroit? I was born in Detroit … why don’t you go where you came from? You’re not Native American … you go back to your country … Fuck out of here.”

Ahmed Alshami, 37, is charged with criminal possession of public benefit cards, misuse of food stamps and criminal use of a public benefit card for defrauding the welfare system.

Alshami is the owner and operator of IGA Express Mart, a corner deli at 271 Ludington in the City of Buffalo.

According to the Erie County District Attorney’s Office, between October 9, 2014 and March 21, 2016 Alshami is accused of buying EBT (food stamp) cards from people willing to trade them for cash. He usually paid people half of what the cards are worth.

It is alleged that Alshami would use the food stamps to buy items to be sold in his store. I

Alshami’s wife, captured by television cameras at a court hearing, appears to be the same woman as the one seen in the above video:


It’s still unknown at this point whether the woman seen in the video above was in fact using illegally obtained EBT cards to purchase food items for resale at another retail establishment. As of this writing, Alshami’s wife has not been charged with a crime.

The buying of other people’s EBT food stamp cards is a crime, regardless of what use is made of those cards.

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