1489547934142Rachel Maddow is trying to steal rating-points from Tucker Carlson’s interview with Donald Trump.  Just minutes after making the bogus tweet, Maddow is already redacting her ridiculous tweet claiming she had copies of President Trump’s tax “returns”.


Except that, oops, it’s illegal for a preparer to leak this information.

And oops, it’s illegal for any current or former government employee at the federal, state, or local level who might’ve had access to his return for any reason to leak it as well.

And oops, even if someone had written permission from President Trump himself to access/transmit/etc. this information, it expired automatically a year after the date it was signed, even if no such date was specified on the paperwork.

So assuming this isn’t another one of the Don’s genius media mindfucks, Maddow and her staff can be subpoenaed to testify as to who gave them this information, when, and why.

And that’s not even touching the list of crimes Maddow and friends themselves can be charged with for their actual roles in this.

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Tucker and Maddow go way back (video below).  She used to be a “goofy pundit” for Carlson for years, but then her career came to a sudden halt after she ranted about how children should be educated on homosexuality in public schools.

In the meantime, checkout this vintage retro clip of Tucker Carlson debating Maddow on LGBT propaganda being spread throughout public schools.

BOY WHO CRIED WOLF: Maddow already redacting bogus claims on Trump’s tax returns. Doesn’t have anything.

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