When Donald Trump took office, he immediately launched an assault on child sex rings across the world.  While attacking pedophile sex rings wasn’t a campaign promise, it was, without question, one of Trump’s first actions as President.

Rumors have been spinning that Steve Bannon intentionally shut Milo down after two publicly posted YouTube videos revealed Milo’s sympathies towards pedophilia and its victims.  The reason Bannon did this would be so that conservatives can launch a full scale attack on John Podesta and allow the public to realize #PizzaGate conspiracy.

“Steve Bannon is having Milo fall on the pedo-sword being it allows Podesta to be demolished by the soon-to-be resurrected Milo.  Bannon is a hardcore Christian.  This pedo concern is being used in tandem to distract from Trump’s absolutely badass deportation force shaping opreation that went out the day after President’s day.”

Milo supporters are claiming that the video was selectively-edited and the comments were taken out of context.  Based on our analysis, the unedited video is more damning than the edited video.  In the unedited video with Drunken Peasants, you can clearly hear Milo defending the logistics of pedophilia.

Here is an unedited transcript of the Drunken Peasant video:

Transcript of Milo Interview Clearly Implicates Sympathy for Pedophiles and Victims




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