“Being prepared for war is the most effective way of reaching peace.”

1476586949237A list of locations that will be untouched by nuclear strikes and should be relatively safe from any radiation. It took several hours to research all these states for locations with the highest chance of survival.

If your state isn’t listed, sorry, but we weren’t able to find any locations that would be safe from nuclear strikes or radiation.

CALIFORNIA: (North) Crescent City, (Mid) King City, (South) Lake Morena County Park

NEW MEXICO: Truth or Consequences (stay the hell away from Spaceport America)

OREGON: 50 Miles away from Portland (Eugene and Medford as well to be on the safe side)

IDAHO: Anywhere near the Oregon border, DON’T go near BOISE

WASHINGTON: Olympic Peninsula Forests, or anywhere west of Mt. Olympus

ARIZONA: (Mid) Kaibab National Forest Headquarters [Ivestigate Flagstaff 24 hours after bombs fall to migrate], (North) Jacob Lake, (South) Ajo Station near Why; be prepared for the inevitable Mexico migration to reach Puerto Penasco for ocean resources

WYOMING: Jackson (expect slight radiation from wind currents)

S DAKOTA: Buffalo (expect slight radiation from wind currents)

MAINE: Eustis (had to consider Canadian targets for this one)

UTAH: Bluff

NEVADA: Not many strikes expected, but California’s radiation will hit hard. Best bet would be to move to closest safe zone in another state or to Sheldon National Antelope Refuge.

TEXAS: Far west Texas; Big Bend National Park (Rio Grande is crucial for long term survival, don’t veer too far), Don’t go to El Paso

ALASKA: Stay 50 miles away from Anchorage and the oil pipelines.

SAN FELIPE, MEXICO: My location near the sea peninsula. Small fishing town full of mostly American retirees.

If you go to Mexico, meet me at 30°55′49″N 114°48′59″W

If you have a private plane and wish to land, the airband frequency is 118.5 MHz


If by the ocean, best bet would be to steal a boat or a plane, and head towards the south Atlantic.

HAPPENING: Obama launches cyber attack on Russia, DEFCON level upgraded, Nuclear War Talks


– 2.5 liters of water
– Life Straw or similar filter system
– 4000 calories worth of food
– Clothes: 2 pairs of wool socks, 2 pairs of underwear, 1 shirt and pair of pants
– Flashlight with new batteries (along with extra batteries)
– Radio (hand-crank preferred)
– Compass
– 4 Bic lighters
– Heavy duty outdoor knife (carry small sharpener)
– 25 feet of Paracord
– Hand Soap
– First-Aid Kit: Must include; disinfectant for cuts, gauze for bandaging, painkillers, iodine pills, and antibiotics)
– Handgun with 100 rounds minimum


There won’t be a warning, EAS and CMAS will not notify you until it is too late, so DO NOT RELY on the government to warn you of a strike.

The only way to know if Nuclear Exchange is close is it to monitor the on-going situation through various international media sources.

If a standoff between US/Russia occurs and ultimatums are given, that would be the time you “take a small vacation” out of town, and wait out the situation for a few days to see if it de-escalates.

Stock up your car with enough food & water for 3 months, and don’t drink for the first day. Take iodine pills as soon as you’re aware of nukes taking off.

Q: But what if I can’t reach the safe zones or if nukes are minutes away?
A: If you’re not able to drive to the safe zones, drive away from any heavily populated and strategically important areas (at least 40 miles), and hope for the best.  If you’re caught off guard and are located in a strike zone, take cover inside a sewer or storm drain.

Safety Tips for Nuclear Impact

Before impact sit down and rest your head in your knees closing your eyes and plugging your ears with your fingers. Keep your mouth open, so internal pressures have a way to escape and prevent barotrauma.


Wait in your shelter for 20 minutes to be sure no second strike occurs, then decide if you want to leave or wait out the radiation.


Reminder to prepare Bug Out Bag

WW3 ARRIVES: North Korea Tests Nuclear Missile, Britain Intercepts Russian Aircraft Carrier, Civil War Hinges On U.S. Election

SOURCE: https://www.readability.com/articles/yvlffedw


  1. People need to wake the fuck up enough is enough wake up look around and figure it out if this doesn’t destroy us the planet sure as fuck will people need to stop watching main stream media it’s all bullshit they’re lying to you they want you to be stupid and you are wake up America they’re going to kill us all we have nothing but Nazis running this country and it’s bullshit and it needs to stop if we don’t stick together we’re all going to die

    • but most of the US is too worried about what Trump said 11 years ago and the fact that Hillarys staff and friends are being paid to lie about him.. ie the groping.

  2. Well I’m screwed. We live nw of a major southern city and it has plenty of purple triangles and black dots in the area. I got a kick out of the kneel and put your head down on your knees.. Might as well say , put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. If there is a major exchange, even if you’re area isn’t attacked, you have radiation to think about and then loss of all electricity id assume and then theres going to be shortages of food after awhile. What would be worse. dying in the initial blast or surviving the first strike only to suffer afterwards ?


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