“In order to shut down as many pro-Sanders FB pages as possible, Brock’s Super PAC, Correct the Record, paid trolls $1M to post porn, and in some cases paedophilia to those pages, then thousands of other trolls would flag the page, causing automatic shutdown by Facebook’s bots. They have continued their attacks today. This is what Hillary will stoop to, no matter how low or vile. For her, election fraud and voter suppression didn’t do enough. So now she allows paedophiles to work for her. This is what our election year has come to.”

Correct The Record (“CTR”) is a pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC.  Recently, many online forums such as /pol/ and Reddit have been seemingly hijacked by CTR shills.

The most obvious indication that CTR was operating at full capacity happened during and after the Trump/Clinton debate.

Entire message boards were flooded with generic two-sentence posts that provided a pro-Hillary meme along with some sort of ad hominem attack on Mr. Trump.  While it has yet to be proven, a vast majority of Reddit, /pol/, and even Facebook users note that Hillary Clinton’s CTR PAC is likely behind the effort.

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Below are two links from the FEC that specifically identify all Correct The Record operatives.



Milo Yiannopoulos To Buy 4chan Social Media Site

This man works for Hillary Clinton



  1. Releasing these names and addresses with no regard for the safety of these people against crazy right-wing nutjobs is NOT RIGHT! No wonder Trump is losing. This is DISGUSTING! I will no longer be voting for him, or anyone in the Republlican party.

    • Are you stupid? They were sitting there on the FEC site, like they’re supposed to be.

      PS, the only way Hitlery wins is by cheating. We both know that, dumdum.

    • As if you were in the first place.
      Wonder which person you are in the list.
      This is public information as they are not meant to be spreading propaganda and the public has a right to know what the intention and context is of people being paid to (Mis)inform the public.

      In the same way that if a food company listed its product as able to prevent Aging and cure all ills. There needs to be accountability when it is done on a scale that is paid for and promoted to get across their “product” which is the narrative of Hillary Clinton.

      If Hillary is selling a dodgy product or hiring people to sell a dodgy product we must see those involved.

      So save your sanctimonious screeching. This is for your benefit and not a republican thing, as many establishment republicans equally want Hillary in. This is a “to prevent corruption” thing and is disclosure to prevent misuse.


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