A pair of California men went on an apparent Donald Trump yard sign-stealing spree this week and filmed several of their exploits for the enjoyment of their Twitter audience.

One citizen IDed Lemoore, California residents Angel Mendoza and Rolando Vega as the culprits, and combined their videos into a single one, likely in case they were deleted.

The first video shows a woman being beaten on the front lawn of a home while she tries to protect a Trump sign.


“Bruuuuh niggas be crackin females like nothing hell nah,” the caption read on the cell phone video that was originally published alone on the social media site.

As Mendoza crowed about his deeds on Twitter, he laughed off suggestions that he hit the woman.

“All he did was record a nigga sock a girl tf y’all brazy thinking it was me that smacked her,” he tweeted.

Mendoza IDed one of his partners in crime,  Twitter user @AsvpStreaker. “They really tryna get you caught up,” he tweeted to his friend.

When this article was published, he had merely protected his Twitter account from the public. Now it was deleted altogether.


Mendoza let his feels be known about Trump, tweeting, “YEEE FUCK TRUMP PUTOSS,” followed by several Mexican flag emojis.

One of his allies jumped into the Twitter conversation, maturely accusing Trump supporters of being “gay.”


“Fuck Donald Trump,” QueenCapiii wrote. “if you like him your (sic) gay,” she said.

The tweet she shared was captioned, “Let me just repost this cause fuck all you white people trippen,” followed by several Mexican flag emojis.


SOURCE: https://www.readability.com/articles/bh65azco

SOURCE: http://pamelageller.com/2016/10/video-shocking-video-trump-sign-property-owner-beaten-up-on-camera-by-democrat-thugs.html/

CALIFORNIA IS A MESS: White woman beaten after she tries to stop hispanic men from stealing Donald Trump sign. Media is silent. from The_Donald


  1. I do not have a trump sign in my yard, but… please feel free to drop by, I am sure We will not be off guard when YOU come…. That woman had every right to have a sign of choice in her OWN yard and thugs like you need to get a damn job and ciome try to attack some real men instead of women, Sad, pathic, losers…. do you need my number Ass****? For every person that thinks they have the right to go onto someones property to STEAL a stupid A** TRUMP sign, You are a LOW LIFE and believe me your day will come when it takes a bunch of you to kick a one-womans a** to brag, you deserve what is coming to youl. Let’s put this video out there for ALL the BUTTS whom think we are going to be passive

    • I’m with you buddy, no signs in my yard, but if you come in it uninvited with mischief on your mind, you gonna be pronounced dead on the scene!

    • Very non violent.What needs to be done is t as ke those 2 SPICE

    • Amen brother, that pisses me off so bad. I wish they would come try and do that to me, both of them at the same time because I will have them little chalupas going crying to their mommies when I’m done. They must not realize (YET) that there is Grown Ass Men that will hurt them young Puntas very bad, especially going onto someone else’s property, and especially putting their hands on one of our women.

    • These THUGS probably aren’t even going to vote. I have a gun so if I get into a spot like this, I can take some down with me.

    • YES, yes we do. You said it just like it is. They also have a lot in common with the jihadists as well. It wouldn’t surprise me if they all unite. What a world that would be?! Their created utopia.

    • Didn’t say they were supporting anything but hate! They simply don’t like Trump! Just because someone does this doesn’t mean they support anyone, or anything! It just shows that they don’t like Trump! I know plenty of people who just don’t like Trump, and NEVER have! Doesn’t give anyone the right to falsely accuse a Hillary supporter, it shows me some horrific people that obviously don’t like Trump! I know too many!!

      • But it is OK because they “hate” Trump to go on another person’s property, take the sign & beat up the owner? Your worry is someone accusing a “Hillary” supporter, not the person these “people” who was injured???????

      • Still gives then no right to do what they did……and if you still support Clinton with all the evidence against her…well I feel sorry for America…

      • Christy Vest, your an asshole…..it was very obvious that they didn’t
        Work, so it’s either selling drugs or on welfare, probably both…..who’s that support That lieing bitch Clinton , that’s who.
        And for the rest of you
        ” do good erstwhile and non violent libs out there…how would YOU HANDLE THAT ATTACK?

  2. That is called Assault and now you will all be arrested!!! Let’s see who will be laughing now scumbag PUNKS!!! Try that at my house and I have a very special surprise for you!!!

  3. Y’all niggas need an education. I bet you can’t even explain why you took those Trump signs. Tell me how Hilary or her husband has helped the Black and Latino communities. How has she helped you, how has she made your people succeed or Prosper. How has Obama helped you succeed or Prosper oh wait, he hasn’t you can drop your facts below I don’t want to hear any emotion give me facts how they’ve helped you. They have not helped you in one least little bit all they want is your vote. They don’t give a damn about you or your family or how you live or getting a job.

    • Their to young to vote. High school kids. You are going to pick the wrong yard. Your family will have to pick your dead body up.

  4. there’s two kinds of latino’s and these are kids who are not what we are all about, they come from a poor back ground and probably raised without a father , these kids and their little black ghetto ideas of life is killing the world of respect for others, I’m a latino and if I seen this happen I wouldn’t hesitate kicking their ass like their father should of done when they were younger,, kids like this need to be put in the service for a few years and learn what America is all about, all they have is their black side kicks showing them how to be just like them because they grew up without an identity and were raised to respect others,, they need to do like Mexico does, as soon as boy turns 18 yrs old he hs to report for service for one year and if not he’s put in prison,, and that’s what’s needed here!

    • Hi, good post. I was raised in a poor white family. None of us would have even thought of doing this. We had no Father either. Mom struggled, then at 14 I took my first Factory full time job on a hardship work permit. I believe (some youngers) these days have not been taught to respect, nor to have consequences for their actions. Father in Heaven please help our Nation Heal.

    • Amen! I have latino and black friends who are God fearing, WORKING, people that I love and respect very much. There are plenty of American WHITES, that are just as stupid and lazy as these idiots!!!!! Yes I am white and a born American!!!

      • Your right it’s not about race it’s about respect and God fearing people know how to respect others plain and simple!

    • Why do you yoy keep involving tha blacks with tha way people are & tha thing’s people do or say? Why? It’s not our fault these hoodlums are doing this! What is it with you peoples ignorance. To blame tha black society for tha way thing’s are. No, because in all actuality it’s not tha way all blacks were brought up. You need to blame their parents & tha way they raise their kids. It’s not on us to raise these dumb muthafuckaz & we don’t. We raise our own families & when you keep blaming African America for tha way thing’s are you’re just a hypocrite to our Society! To place all tha blame on us as a black race nust because we are influential is preposterous & degrading to you & us. What y’all need to do is raise y’all muthafucking wild ass unruly fucking kids & stop trying to get tha next to do so. If you did you wouldn’t blame blacks for tha way yours sons & daughters turn out. So, bitch please, start placing tha blame on tha right person{ya damn self}excuse, me but no apologies we get it{tha hatred is real & it’s all you}all you stupid suppose to be Godly human being’s are a joke! Kick rocks on that blaming blacks for your children. Because it’s not our fault your children are truly influenced by tha Media! Point blank gwt it right & stop trying to paint tha picture as if it’s all black americans fault. Even y’all hoes had y’all fucked minded shame, ours came from dealing with y’allz ignorance, such as all tha comments made here! Black lives matter & you hoes can’t take it!

      • Black Lives Matter ? Then why are all the countries run by blacks disease infested shitholes ? This is what YOUR black president wants for America !

    • Very non violent.What needs to be done is t as ke those 2 SPICE

    • I hope they caught the little bastards! I agree with you Christopher, they also need to have a boot camp to send these Neanderthals to for a couple of years..after having their asses whopped!
      I’m an American of Mexican descent, I paid my dues to my country.. if my kid did something like this? They wouldn’t be able to sit for a long time!! Then there’s restitution..

    • You are so right, they are Chicano who are proud but for wrong reasons, it’s either prison or the service, and prison nowadays is full of gangs so that’s not the answer, speaking of Mexico, if you can’t get them to join the service and prison is a revolving door then how about deporting them to their parents country, and I mean deep into Mexico like near the Central American Border so they can fight their way back to the U.S. border, that will teach them, as said in post here I am not prejudice I am from parents who are from S. America but I was not raised in the manner that these disrespectful punks were and I have no pity on them, there are plenty of both disadvantage hispanic and black kids who make it out of the ghetto, they have no excuse all they have is a sense of entitlement and think everything is owed to them, let them find out the hard way that it’s not!

  5. DO these ignoramuses even speak English? Darned if I can make out what they’re saying.

    From what I do understand – did these criminals beat this woman for having a Trump sign in HER OWN YARD?


  6. Hooligans in the making! The likelihood they do not become future felons is slim to none! Spoiled little bastard children! We live in a society where children can no longer be corrected easily when young. These children need a baseball bat taken to them as they are now to young as a simple belt will not change their minds! I guess when they get sodomized in prison they may see the light!

    • You funny! They mostly will become felones, but probably wouldn’t get raped unless their willing. I know I’ve been to prison & to my knowledge it doesn’t work that way. But, you’re funny though{I got a lot of giggles out of that comment, like 4real 4real & blame tha system for it’s mistakes when it comes to{tha laws they’ve passed they say to protect tha younger generation}but, you see they’re feeling tha repercussions of what they’ve put together.{just when they thought they were doing tha right thing by making these child abuse laws}now look at how these children have returned tha favor{by becoming{unruly}. See something’s are just meant to be, which I’m referring to{ass whooping’s}. I seem to have turned out okay & I got ass whooping’s. These crazy muthafuckaz tried to or thought they were doing some a favor by{forcing tha way they raise their kids on others}funny, now look at them. So I laugh at tha situation we’re in now & them. I understand tha{Neglect Laws}but, tha rest like{tha child abuse Laws}is laughable now! LmaFo at y’all now! But, for everybody that has made a comment, please let me in on a little secert{what about how you raised yours or are raising yours?}up, no comment? I understand, but, you know what? Well, I’ll let you figure that put for yourself what I was about to say. But, know we address this subject as African Americans everyday! You’ll see. Just wait til those supposed killa clowns show up in your neighborhood.{who you gonna call?}Us blacks are like{ghostbusters}.{Ya need us Masser}. Anyways, White American Saltines bye. From here on out, I have{no comment}

  7. I wished you would come to my house! I am a woman! And it would be the first time you got your pu$$y, punk ass beat by a woman, like your mommas should have done when your a$$es should have been in school, getting your education! There is no excuse for this! I grew up poor, both parents struggling and working just to pay last month’s bills and we couldn’t get government assistance, never seeing either of them. But we knew that if we even thought of doing anything wrong, they would be there to beat our asses!!! Stop making excuses for these poor excuses for human beings, and start holding them accountable for their own actions!!!!

    • I wish that there were more Deplorable women like you IN this country! I agree with you 100 %.YOU’RE RIGHT ON THE MONEY! YOU GO GIRL!!!

    • Years ago, I learned Tae Kwan Do from a woman who was 4′ 10.?” tall. If she ever weighed 75lbs, she was fully dressed and soaking wet.

      She could go OFF on those guys, seriously hurt them, and go out for coffee.

      I love seeing women turn bad ass and put bullies where they belong, on their asses.

    • Funny, to busy placing tha blame! Try blaming yourselves. It’s more plosable. Etheir way, you’ll see that everything your saying is just a bunch of none sense! Try focusing on yourselves & it’ll be a better world for us all.
      Now that’s a{Reality Check for ya ass}

    • You’re a fucking asshole. But, in all reality{we’re ready bitch ass kracka}you need to stop with tha bullshit comments about Black America, because that shits insulting hoe ass kracka! It’s not only us pulling shit like this these day’s. Pay attention to tha news it’s everybody{not just tha African American race}y’all to busy with tha racist shit:’ -( {kracka}because just like you{well, remember this}tha Jimmy Lynch syndrome}anyways, we already knew this shit was gone pop off{unless I’m misunderstanding tha point}please help with this, is it really all about us again? When you stupid muthafuckaz just side with tha others because of tha{drug trade}y’all just a bunch of junky ass drug heads. Y’all racist krackaz are funny. But you getting on my nerves with this blame blacks for Societies problems. When it’s muthafuckaz like y’all that are tha problem! Just saying!

      • Thanks Kava. I avoided pointing out his slurs and obvious ignorance several posts back. I actually laughed to myself when he self corrected the spelling of ‘plausible’, after misspelling at least 15 other words and now subsequently has added at least another 15 or so. I haven’t even commented on his numerous racial slurs, ignorant use of cursing and swearing, and countless misuses of every punctuation mark I can think of.
        I’m guessing this guy is enjoying way more than a responsible quantity of his favorite libation. Be advised, that is a generous evaluation. If it’s something other, this guy needs to go back to the prison he mentioned he had spent time in.

  8. I have my 10 gauge loaded with slugs. Come on by blacks and Mexicans. I will leave a whole in you big enough to drive you e grandmas Oldsmobile through. Fucking punk ass bitches.

  9. You little COWARD PUNK MEXICANS ! Your not worthy to be called Hispanics ! Now WE got your THUG ASS’S in JAIL ! Assault and attempted MURDER on a WOMAN and THEFT OF PROPERTY.. of a lot of signs i see in your car..LOL NOW you two will be beaten and RAPED like a women over and over in jail ! Hope you CRY and BEG just like this helpless woman did ! REMEMBER THE ALAMO LITTLE COWARDS because there will be a lot of WHITE MEN waiting turns to beat your ass’s ! Im a women and i damn sure wish you would try this coward shit on my property ! The best part of you two is running down your daddy’s leg !!!

  10. Bunch of ignorant douche bags..Come to my yard and try that s*** and I promise you the outcome will be very different. Bunch of ignorant people do this BS. And I’m so glad that he filmed it because this video Is great evidence against you… I hope every last one of you go to jail!!!!!

    • Right! But, we’re all in tha same boat with God. Who’s name is truly Jehovah! Even if it has been taking out of tha King James Version!

  11. Lady, you better get yourself a gun and take some firing range lessons to protect yourself. I pray you are healed of that physical and emotional trauma. I also pray those punks get caught for attempted murder.

  12. This is exactly the rif raf that Donald Trump was talking about deporting that everyone got in such an uproar about! I wish these low lifes would come to my house and steal anything! The only thing you are going to get is a good old fashioned Iam going to pull your pants down around your ankles and give that ass a beautiful candy apple red, high pro glow that your parents should have given you growing up and I guarantee you would not do this again!

    • Right! But, I really don’t think this is about tha Sign, ya know. I don’t even think it’s about Donald Trump’s running for Presidency. You all know it’s because Tedd Cruz & Donald Trump are in kahootz! It’s all about how you look at it. See, what people believe is, which they’re probably right{we remember}letz make America white again{right}but what tha people fell to realize is or what take from that now is, which I might be wrong & I sure I am is{you were saying that about who leads this Country, right?}I doubt it though. Because from what we’ve or I understand from experience, which is truth in all our eyes{go back to Africa}ha ha damn y’all funny. Lmafo, because even no one owns this land or any for that matter{right?}. So, Plurbus is such a crazy thing{when his name was taught to me to be{Christopher Clumbus}right or wrong, Ms. Bevington? Even tha Mayflower, right Ms. Bevington? As I’m saying now is{history repeats itself}Wow, not hilarious. Not at all!

  13. Come try this in my neck of the woods.Bring your inmature asses to south Louisiana and try this shit or any country town where everyone is packing.Im daring you.No matter who is running for election,this shit is stupid and the pussies doing this need to be taught a very valuable lesson.All you inmature kids,Let this sink in your little small brain.YOU ARE ONLY HERE A SHORT TIME,THIS ISNT YOUR WORLD,YOU ARE ON BORROWED TIME AND YOUR TIME CAN END AT ANY MINUTE.SO WHO ARE YOU TO DECIDE ANYTHING.GET RIGHT AMERICA,Because your freedom is coming to an end if you dont stop this stupid nonsence.

  14. They are sooo stupid! The showed their faces. Of course they are going to be arrested. Vandalizm, theft, assault…nice job giving up your freedoms, dummies.

  15. Yo my wet back brother how bout you come cut my grass and also bring ms. house cleaning with you. I’ll pay in home made Trump signs

  16. If I came across this happening, I would DEPORT these cowardly scumbags straight to hell with a $5 slug to their worthless heads, no loss to the human race!

  17. If I came across this happening, I would DEPORT these cowardly scumbags straight to hell with a 45 slug to their worthless heads, no loss to the human race, and improve this country!

  18. If I came across this happening, I would DEPORT these cowardly scumbags straight to hell with a $5 slug to their worthless heads, no loss to the human race!
    NOW I have to be ‘moderated, guess the PC police don’t want the truth posted

  19. they’re only going to attack someone that looks easy. So far, a Marine at six foot and three hundred still built like a major appliance, I haven’t had anyone try to attack me.

    These guys will pick on little ladies, children and innocent puppies because they’re just low-life cowards. I hope I catch someone like this and give them a beating that will scar them for life.

    • I pray you don’t have any innocent puppies! Oh, I forgot you love German Shepherds & I know don’t think they come innocent or harmless or do they? Nah, Naw they don’t!

  20. you guys come on down to Texas …. we are very BIG Trump supporters ….and feel free to try stealing signs or beating p women up down here.. In Texas we are Men –not punk sissy boys like y’all … We will defend our country, our state and all women against pansy thugs like you

    • I guess tha women of Texas are proud! But, you don’t understand shit about what people understand about{tha year was 1942}I remember it well,{News broadcast on channel 8}but it might have been rebroadcasted{tha year was 1987}about tha assissnation of tha first black president & tha first female president. Wow, fyi dyk?

  21. People its time to start getting involved. Enough is enough. If you see people beating on someone like this, its time to start kicking in teeth against curbs. Society no matter what you don’t allow people to beat on woman or old people. I don’t care if you hate a candidate. Should we start beating on you little bitches for voting Hillary? Trust me, with me in your face you would cry like the little bitches you are!

    • Well, who knows tha truth when it’s all a blur to us all. But, you know evidence-based Police dash cam video shows a woman being beating! Make tha decision on what actually happen on that video, because I don’t know! Maybe it was her or maybe it wasn’t her being brutally touched by{who}!watch and see! Draw your own conclusions about what might have actually happened to this woman in tha photo posted above! Be my guess have fun while this brutality is going on! Just ask yourself{does her kids have an African American as a father & did they know that?}if bit, ask yourself{Why}we have! Even in tha Case of Tray’von Martin! Right!

  22. 1 I don’t care what color or race you if your an American act like one you wouldn’t be putting another flag be fore our own
    2 I don’t care what color or race you are or your sexual persuasion you no man should ever hit a woman it could of killed her
    3 I don’t care what party you are voting for she has the right to put any sign she wants in her yard that’s her freedom of choice
    4 I don’t care if you think I’m being racist I’m not but if you think I am maybe the problem is that your racist stop and rethink

  23. “You come on over to my property and try to do this to me or my family. You will be carried out on a stretcher.”

    More Americans should be willing to say the same.

    I don’t care if you support Trump or some other candidate. Nobody has a right to threaten violence or act violently against you, and you have a right to defend yourself and your property.


  25. These Wana Trouble Makers You Definitely Need To Wake Up Before You Loose Your Country And Thats Not Something That Is Pre Fabricated Read The Holy Bible The Truth Is In The Word of God Revelations America Does Not Exist Recieve Jesus Now As Lord And Savior

  26. PLEASE NO MATTER WHO YOUR’RE VOTING FOR…STOP THIS UNNECESSARY VIOLANCE ALREADY IN JESUS’ NAME. Don’t people understand that they want us to divide they’re getting what they want wake up 💔😔🙏🏼❤️🇺🇸

  27. Really? But, tha election doesn’t end & no ones sworn in until{Nov.4th}pray you’re right!{for your sake & mental mind state, hell, maybe even ya heart & soul!}oh, you just have a Spirit. Right!

  28. Sorry for tha end of that comment about those children. But, it’s all so true! Yesssss! But ya know that was unhuman of me to even bring that subject up, reaaons be{itz hella hurtful to me & them}

  29. But, please reply to clean this up! People won’t to know! So, what’s up, reinform us on tha truth about how that happen to you? Was it domestic violence or a racist Democrat or was it acutally tha{Poluce}pleaae, explain! Pleaae! I’d like to hear it from you, pleaae inquiry ro me! Will you? I’ll read & listen. Not, just hear, okay? What is your name?

  30. Case in point, if tha police are looking for them, I feel sorry for my “g”! because, them pigz gone swarm tha block fast & it’s not going to be{Mayhem in Manhattan}
    But only you can provent Forrest 🔥!

  31. Many men and women fought and died for our right to free speech in this country. And for a man to beat up a woman, regardless of the reason? What in God’s name is wrong with people. We all have to answer to Him in the end, and he is watching us.

  32. Second time this week I hear about what you call Chicanos causing trouble in Cali, thankfully I don’t live there anymore, the first was about a CHP officer in Fresno that tried to arrest street racers and 2 gang bangers told him “they own the streets” as huge crowd proceeded to attack the officer’s vehicle and now this! Newsflash for you kids who are Americans born to Mexican parents, you don’t have anymore rights than anyone else! In fact prison is filled with those of you who seem to think they do. I don’t care how old you are, if you break the law you need to pay and sending you to prison to play with other gang playmates is not the solution. Ideally if you break the law in the in Cali or anywhere in the U.S. you should be deported if you are from a Mexican family, if you have no respect for the country or state you were born in then go live in your parents country, I propose that all who have a blatant disregard for our laws to not be put on over crowded prisons in the U.S. nor be marched to the border, deport them deep into Mexico and let them fight their way back to the U.S. if they survive, perhaps this will give them a new found respect for where they were born! I am not prejudice I come from parents who are from South America and I was born in Cali and I have never acted in the manner that has been witnessed recently in Cali no excuse for this whatsoever! Furthermore the only people who have the right to use the derogatory N word are African Americans!

  33. This is the kind of garbage you expect to find in 3rd world countries and banana republics where voters are intimidated by threats not in a country like America!

  34. Being Latina– this truly embarrasses me! Hope this people get what they deserve. I’m not a Trump fan or Hillary’s fan- But I respect everyone’s opinion and choice of who they want to vote for! This nonsense needs to STOP immediately!

  35. Daaaaammn Marcus are you gonna defend these savages on every damn post!! You know these dudes personally? You suck their cocks every day? By the way you defending them I’d say you the swallowin type.


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